Funny tumblr memes 10+ Post the best of the day

Funny tumblr memes 10+ Post


Funny tumblr memes 1: Fire from a burning building being sucked into a tornado.wh get out of there fireman what are you doing there’s a tornado I can’t stop laughing at this fireman he’s just standing there going “well darn, look at that. fire tornado

Funny tumblr memes


Funny tumblr memes 2: People are starting to put out hummingbird feeders, y’all know what that means The plauge doctors are returning, nature is healing 

Funny tumblr memes


Funny tumblr memes 3: me when i get raymond on my island by random chance and i hear about the people paying real money for him 

Funny tumblr memes


Funny tumblr memes 4: Re; the last post, the article mentions that some plaes use clams to test the toxicity of the water. Its’s like that in Warsaw- we get our water from the river. and the main water pump has 8 clams that have triggers attached to their shells. If the water gets too toxic, they close, and the triggers shut off the city water supply automatically.

Funny tumblr memes


Funny tumblr memes 5: I just realised why the Sonic vs Eggman dynamic is so much different from the Tails vs Eggman dinamic, and why the latter is so much fucking funnierSonic calls Eggman names. “Egghead, uhlypeice of shit-” etc.While also destroying his robots.

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Funny tumblr memes 6: ophelia: babe come over hamlet: I can’t I’m hiding a body ophelia: my dad isn’t home hamlet: I know You just know somewhere shakespeare is pissing himself. And snatching up his ghostly quill.

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Funny tumblr memes 7: Young, dumb and full of gum gum stays in your body for 7 years and i eat a lot of it That’s actually a myth! If you went diggingthrough your yummy shits you’ll find chewed gum looking about the same as it did when you swallowed it!…

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Funny tumblr memes 8: oh my god… bouluminescent dwarfs okay so dwarfs evolved in deep subterranean societies, and it shows, their eyesight is shit; their skin is intensely sensitive to the sun. the first human diplomats to come in contact with them mistakenly labeled the dwarfs a war-like people because they were so seldom seen without layers of protective clothing: it was a while before anyone realized that dwarven skin just burns easily and needs to be kept safe under layers. 

due to their tendency to stay covered up when aboveground, it was longer much longer before anyone found out that dwarfs also glow. They’ve since developed much fancier ways of keeping track of each other down in the tunnels, of course, but there’s this fun little holdover, stripes of faint blue or green(think of the way veins look on pale humans) swirling over their entire bodies,

each dwarf boasting a pattern that’s entirely unique. topside they look like nothing more than interesting or possibly puzzling tattoos- why did you need that stripe crossing right over your eye like that?

– but get them down in a cavern, let them shed their protective suits, and marvel, they live and work down in the deepest levels, where humans can’t see their own hands in front of themselves but can sure as hell see the familiar lines of their dwarf buddies, shining to show them the way.

or, okay,

Funny tumblr memes


Funny tumblr memes 9: had a dream last night that the internet exploded with a bowsette level obession over some fanmade skyrim character which was a white argonian lady named Death Grips… You guys really like death grips huh…

Funny tumblr memes


Scientists were able to obtain for the first time the photo of the Schrodinger cat at the moment of transition between quantum states… This is a brillant piece of the tumblr art genre…

Funny tumblr memes


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